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IT specialists invited to make presentation in the first Pre-Camp

As a start of Pre-Camp initiative a group of bloggers, IT/Media specialists will organize the first Pre-camp on October 13. As you remember, according to the initial plans, the Barcamp Yerevan should be organized on October 10-12, however, although we have lot’s of promises from donors/sponsors, we have not received any real cash yet, so the initiators of Barcamp decided to postpone the main event and start with a series of volunteer driven pre-camps: to promote the idea of Barcamp, collect potential participants and in the meanwhile, to help the initiators of the Barcamp build their capacity of working together.

Heareby, the initiative group of Barcamp Yerevan are invited all those bloggers, IT/Media specialists who are interested in making this great event a reality, to take part in the first Pre-Camp. The Pre-Camp will take place on September 13, in the Armenian-Russian (Slavic) University of Armenia. Around 50 students are expected to attend the event. Most of them have very vague knowledge of Web 2.0, Blogging, User generated content. Hence, we are calling for presentations which would be potentially interesting for this type of audience. The organizers of Pre-camp will be gathering at Internews Armenia office, Arshakunyats 3 (call 583620, ask Gegham for details), on Friday, October 10, 17:30.

Below is the proposed agenda. We will change and finalize it only after the working meeting on Friday.

Pre-Camp Agenda
13։00-13։20 Web2, user generated content. Interactivity online.
13։20-13։40 Blog – online diary. Citizen Journalism online.
13։40-14։00 How to best use the features of your mobile phone: Mobile internet.
14։00-14։20 Barcamp. Uncoference in Yerevan.
14։20-15։00 Questions and Answers.

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